A trend in the KC area real estate mareket for Listing agents to keep listings out of mls and not making them avaiable to the other 10,000+ KC area Realtors. My question, as a 20+ year Real Estate Broker, who is this benefiting? Sure, the listing agent/team make more money, get to use your home to pick up more buyer clients, but is this practice being done to the detriment of the client to whom we all have a fiduciary responsibility? In most cases, the client is paying full price for less service and the client may be walking away with less money!

     The public needs to be more vigilant. What am I paying for, how am I being reprented, is my home going to be avaiable to all KC Realtors? Make sure you understand what you are signing and that you are getting the service you are paying for! 

     I my opnion, the more eyes the better & in this competitive market, more eyes means more money for the seller.